Kristina Tantsyura

Director, Infowatch Gulf, UAE

Since 2016, Kristina spearheads the MENA-wide Strategy of INFOWATCH Group - the leading Russian company in the field of information security technologies, sales and implementation of disruptive information security technologies and the positioning of INFOWATCH Group as a MENA and industry leader in the information security field. She is Director of INFOWATCH GULF – INFOWATCH GROUP representative offices in UAE, Dubai. She has over 10 years of experience held strategic management roles in both the IT and Digital/Internet sectors.

Kristina has held management level positions as in large international companies such as HP, CA Technologies and Siemens AG, and in the leading Russian technology companies such as Group  where professional experience spanned diverse fields such as development, implementation, marketing and promotion of IT and digital technologies, project management for public and private companies and partners. She has great experience of cooperation with the UAE Government structures as the FDI Dubai, Dubai Health Authority and etc.  Kristina has completed her BA with Banking and Finance from the Moscow Financial University of Russian Federation Government. She has authored studies and perspectives on a wide range of topics including technology, public sector governance and innovation.

Kristina is married with 3 children and is interested in Fashion, sports and Arabic culture.