Dr. Jad Aoun

Chief Medical Officer, National Health Insurance Company – Daman, UAE

Dr. Jad Aoun is Chief Medical Officer at Daman and oversees company’s medical strategy and development, medical services providers’ relations and chronic diseases management. He has been with the company since it began operations in 2006 when he joined as Operation Director to establish the company’s medical functions and later moved to establish the Thiqa program.

Prior to his appointment at Daman, Dr. Aoun was seconded to Paramount India by Munich Re in 2003 to support organizational growth. He was later appointed Vice President of Operations. He previously worked in Saudi Arabia at MedNet KSA as Project Manager and in Lebanon at Securité Assurances. Dr. Jad has also practiced medicine for more than four years. Dr. Jad Aoun holds an M.D. from Latvia.