Founder and Chairman of Emirates Child Protection Association (ECPA)

A Non-Resident Internal Management Consultant at Emirates Center for Government Knowledge/ by Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government MBRSG

CEO of “Digital Research Technologies."

One of the inventors has many Patented.

Served as a public safety & law enforcement senior officer & subject matter expert for 25 years with a vast experience in the fields of Strategy, Governance & Risk Management, Digital Transformation, and Information Security, business continuity, physical security, policies and standard operating procedure SOPs development, stakeholder collaboration and management, crisis management, and Spokes representation.

Provided innovative, creative, and smart solutions during his 24 years career years in Abu Dhabi Police & Ministry of the Interior, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Child Protection and Environmental activities.

Achieved and shortlisted many local and international Awards locally and internationally.
Represented UAE on several occasions, conferences and exhibitions, Summits, Forums, and workshops in many areas like innovation, Future foresight, the fourth industrial revolution, disruptive and emerging technologies.